Below are various resources provided from blog series compilations, sermon manuscripts, or audio from various events or talks given by Timmy Brister.

Sermons (MP3s)

You Give Them Something to Eat
Growing in the Gospel
The Call of Jericho Road
Bless the Lord, O My Soul
True and False Christianity
Making a Reasonable Resolution
Persevering in the Gospel, Part 1
 (Col. 1:21-23)
Persevering in the Gospel, Part 2 (Discussion)
Spiritual Gifts and Every Member Ministry (Various Texts)
The Story in the Supper
The Grinch Who Tried to Destroy Christmas
Grace Motivated Hospitality
Grace Empowering Mission
Grace Building Community
A Celebration of Grace
Celebrating Our Man of War
Who Do You Think You Are?
The Community of Jesus
I Will Give You Rest

Blog Series

Elemental Evangelism (PDF)
Gospel-Centered Personal Renewal (PDF)
Missional Prayer (PDF)
Missional Work (PDF)
Grasping the Grandeur of God’s Grace (PDF)
Hometown Hatred and the Gospel of Inclusion (PDF)
If You’re God’s Child (Category)
Signs You’re Growing in Grace (Category)
Annotations of Gospel Centrality (Category)
50¢ Words of the Day (Category)
The Gospel Alphabet (Category)

Evangelism & Mission

Communities of Light, Part 1 (Biblical Theology)
Communities of Light, Part 2
(Practical Implications)
Word and Deed Together
Jesus’ Sheep: Sent, Suffer, and Secure 
Sow the Seed!

Evangelism in Every Place
Missional Conditionalities, Missional Certainties
Necessary Evangelism
Missional Margin, Part 1

Missional Margin, Part 2
Evangelism’s Must-Have’s
A Working Paradigm for Missional Work

Church Life

Being on Mission in Community
The Soil in Which We Plant is the Soil on Which We Die
Homogeneous Community v. Gospel Community
Word-Driven Movemental Christianity


On Leadership and Church Planting (a one-stop compilation)
Prayer: Daily Communion Rhythms Through the Offices of Christ
Cultural Engagement, Part 1
Cultural Engagement, Part 2
Cultural Engagement, Part 3
Cultural Engagement, Part 4
Pastoral Priorities and Practices
Lord Jesus Christ – A Triperspectival Meditation
Transitioning (or Crafting Culture)
Three Facets of Faith (or Triperspectival Catechesis)
Church Structures
Gospel Centered Spiritual Formation: The Triperspectival Framework
John 15: A Triperspectival Chapter
The Gospel of John: A Triperspectival Book
The Psalms: A Triperspectival Hymnbook

Southern Baptist Issues

Toward a Missional SBC, Part 1
Toward a Missional SBC, Part 2
The Kellerizing of the SBC
The Backstory of the Great Commission Resurgence
An Open Letter to Morris Chapman on Biblical Eldership


21 Questions I’ve Been Asking Myself Lately
The Purposes and Places of My Work
5 Books Every Christian Should Read
A Gospel-Centered Reader