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Tim Brister —  September 12, 2013 — 9 Comments

My first post via Pressgram. Not sure if I want to post pics on my blog, but I’m intrigued by this new platform. Anyone else getting on the Pressgram bandwagon?

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  • Michael John Beil

    I like it. Have you checked into the Pressgram Plugin?

    • timmybrister

      I have not. I will check it out. Thanks!

      • I’m lovin pressgram. Totally get the plugin, it will declutter your homepage—so photos aren’t all over it.

        • Michael John Beil

          It’s a great addition.

  • success! thanks!

    • timmybrister

      Thanks John. You did really good work with the app. Hope it exceeds your expectations!

  • charlesspurgeonjr

    Great picture (and also great kid lol).
    What is exactly Pressgram, is it some kind of Instagram, tumblr?
    My latest move into “social media” was to join Brannon Howse new FB-like service. So far so good.

    • timmybrister

      Pressgram is a new platform for posting your pictures directly to a WordPress blog (either self-hosted or It was created by John Saddington and team (the same people who created the Standard theme which I use). A big reason they did this was due to Instagram’s user policy and lack of privacy/ownership of your photos. Instagram and Facebook have increasingly taken up rights to use your photo and content for their own purposes, and Pressgram was created as a way for the user to have sole ownership of their work. That’s my understanding of it it at least.

      • charlesspurgeonjr

        That’s sound quite interesting… on paper. Let us know (the whole wide world out there) if you experience any “inconvenience” long-term…
        As for your question (whether or not you should post private pictures on your blog) my advice would be: NO!