God Answers by John Piper

Tim Brister —  January 12, 2013 — 1 Comment

John Piper is off to Knoxville, TN for one year of writing. Here’s to hoping that might include some more poetry. This is one from earlier in 2012 that continues to be a blessing to me.

God Answers

Is there a word to help us feel
the weight of Adam’s fall?

How heavy will this burden weigh,
(Spare not!) on those who fell?

O Lord, so great this forfeiture!
Was there sufficient reason?

Then whence could any traitor hope
before your burning face?

But surely that will cost beyond
our wage. How is it priced?

Entirely paid? By him? O God,
and is that gift for me?

I would receive this gift, O Lord!
How soon would you allow?

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