John Piper on Sentence Diagramming

Tim Brister —  November 23, 2012 — 1 Comment

Well, kind of. Actually, Piper’s talking about bible arcing, which is really close to what I’ve been talking about this week. Arching is a bit more technical but seeks to accomplish the same goal. In this short video, Piper talks about the dramatic impact of learning how to study the Bible in this way. Think back over the past thirty years and the books, sermons, and articles written by Piper, and then think how instrumental such an approach to studying the Bible has impacted his thinking and working through the text of Scripture.

Having considered that, check out this video.

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  • Earl Powell

    For detailed look into this, read Robert Traina’s Methodical Bible Study, published in 1952 (thank you Professor Farrah Patterson at SWBTS for teaching us this!). The book was out of print but a quick glance at Amazon looks like it is back. This will change your Bible-reading, study,life, ministry.