Disciple-Making and Sentence Diagramming [Compilation + PDF]

Tim Brister —  November 27, 2012 — 15 Comments

Well, I’m finished with the mini-series on sentence diagramming, and I’m grateful for all the feedback and interest this series has generated. Several of you have asked for a compilation and a downloadable PDF of the series, and I’m happy to provide that for you. Here’s the recap:

Part 1: Overview
Part 2: Set Up
Part 3: Propositions
Part 4: Labels
Part 5: Connections
Part 6: Assimilation

These posts together result in an 18-page PDF document which can be downloaded here.

There has also been some requests by folks willing to give this a try.  If there is enough interest, then perhaps we can pick a text, work through it together, and provide a way everyone can share the fruit of their study. If that’s you, then let me know in the comments.

Lastly, for those who asked about supplemental resources, there are some books on biblical hermeneutics, homiletics, and Greek syntax that have sections or chapters devoted to this kind of study, but I’m not sure the technical nature would be more profitable (I’ve tried to simplify the process as much as I could here so that anyone, regardless of their previous experience, could have a starting point accessible to them). In any case, if you would like for some resources, I will be happy to point you to some I have come across in my studies.

Hope the PDF will be a resource for disciple-making and intentional investments in others with the Word of God. The purpose of this series was to that end, and I’m grateful to hear how already that it is being used for that very purpose!

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  • I’m game to try this as part of a group!

  • mark tucker

    Almost printed it all out yesterday. The pdf will make that much easier. Thanks for the compilation!

  • Zack Skrip

    How well have you found this works with narrative material? I’m supposed to start teaching on 1 Samuel and have had hit-and-miss results with Bible Arcing and narrative in the past. I will admit that it is likely entirely my fault and not the system. Just wondering what kind of results you have had.

    • Yeah, narrative genre (of all kinds of literature in the Bible) can be most difficult to trace. Given the size/scope of the pericope (text/passage), you may not find much to diagram. One recommendation is to enlarge the scope of the text. Other things you can consider in narrative is tracing the plot line of the story from a macro-perspective and how that particular text fits into the narrative. But in general, I would agree that handling narrative material with sentence diagramming is the most difficult and consequently least useful of all types of biblical genre.

      I would say that diagramming could be factored, especially in Hebraic literature, in different structures, especially chiasm. In cases of poetry and apocalyptic literature, this occurs most often.

  • Tyrone McCann

    I’d like to try this with a group. Thank you for your discipleship efforts.

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  • I am most thankful that someone pointed me here. This is an area that I know I need help with. I do not, however, find the 18 page pdf file at the link. Will it be reposted? I am most satisfied gathering all the sections together, but the single pdf file would be very nice.

    Blessings in Christ from an unworthy servant of our Lord.

    • Mandred,

      Thanks for commenting. The PDF is available at the “here” button. But to cut some corners, I’m copying the actual URL, so all you need to do is click on the link below…


      If you have any other questions, just let me know. Grace and peace!

      • Many thanks, Tim. I did not see the second “here” link on the next page 🙂

        I am in an elder training program at my church (currently in Transylvania with my pastor) and believe this lesson you’ve put together will help me better see the message of a given text so I can better put it into the overall redemptive narrative and make my teaching and preaching more sound.

        Soli Deo Gloria!

        • Awesome, Manfred! Great to hear. May the Lord richly bless your studies and stewardship of the call.

          • Timmy,

            One of my projects is the collection and maintenance of a digital Reformed Baptist Library that I give away to people. I have 1635 books, articles, and sermons in this library and would like to include this pdf file. If this is OK with you, please advise – I would be happy to include a link to your blog.

  • Tyrone McCann

    Did the group activity get any transaction?

    • Hey Tyrone,

      There were a few people who expressed interest but no real traction developed online. I know several who are doing it solo or with a couple of people in discipling relationship, however.

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