Jackie Hill Brings the Gospel Thunder

Tim Brister —  August 25, 2012 — 7 Comments

This video blew. me. away. It needs to be watched and listened to more than once. Blazing truth powerfully spoken.

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  • Thank you Man for this video, I added it to my own blog that it might be seen by many. Sadly it protrays the truth of what we have become in sawpping the glory of God for what our sinful itching ears want to hear. That being we are awesome. We are not. We care more for handbags and ipods than dying children in the developing world. And then we say we are God’s children? Indeed then God must be selfish, greedy and indifferent. Indeed He is not but we are. Welcome to the “I” generation. Ipod Ipad Iphone. I, I, I. One day all the Is will stand before the IAM. At which time their hearts will melt in terror and fear. As Moses states how he was beside himself in terror, as this writer felt when Christ pulled him out of a life of drugs and sin. Terror. The Fear of God first. Wisdom to stop my sinful nature to actually turn in repentance, obediance and point not to “I” but to HIM.

    A short article on God induced suffering below. It does not fit with I generation mentality.


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  • DUDE.

  • Powerful truth! Praising God for the boldness to proclaim the gospel THUNDER!

  • Brian L. Spivey

    This was amazing. I hope that all believers can experience this truth. I can say that she is not very popular, and probably never will be, but those who speak truth do not seek popularity — only the glory of God.

  • Michael Boyd

    I’ve seen this video on FB and some other blogs recently. I thought it was an awesome video myself. As usual, when I come across a person like Jackie I’ve never heard of, I try to find out about them. First I looked on You Tube to see if she had some other videos. The one she did on her being a homosexual in the past was powerful. I watched a couple of interviews with her and liked what she had to say and thought what she said was biblically sound. Then toward the end of one of them she said she was a minister and I was troubled. It’s hard to understand how she can be so sound and can apply so much from God’s Word to the current situation, but then drop the ball on what the Bible says about women being a minister. Maybe I’m misunderstanding her exact role. Maybe she does not preach to a congregation. And, I guess it could be that if the men are not going to say the truth publicly, then God will use a woman.