Not by my experience, nor by my resolutions, but by the grace of Jesus

Tim Brister —  June 4, 2012 — 2 Comments

I have been especially helped this Monday morning with this prayer and petition. I encourage you to consider it and meditate on it. May our strength not be in our experiences or our resolve, but in the grace of Jesus.

Grant that I may never trust my heart,
depend upon any past experiences,
magnify any present resolutions,
but be strong in the grace of Jesus:
that I may know how to obtain relief
from a guilty conscience
without feeling reconciled to my imperfections.

Sustain me under my trials
and improve them to me;
give me grace to rest in thee,
and assure me of deliverance.

May I always combine thy majesty
with thy mercy,
and connect thy goodness
with thy greatness.
Then shall my heart always rejoice
in praises to thee.

– Taken from “Self-Noughting” in The Valley of Vision

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  • kbywaters

    I love this! Thank you for sharing

  • djclaassen

    Yes! And it’s a day-by-day dependence on Him. He provides the manna in our wilderness fresh each day!