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Last week, I wrapped up the series on the Gospel Alphabet. Prior to that, I compiled a long series of tweets from Scotty Smith on “signs you’re growing in grace.” Continuing with this gospel focus, I’m starting a new series I’m calling “annotations of gospel centrality” whereby I hope to share passages of Scripture that speak to the centrality of the gospel and provide a brief annotation as to why the gospel is so important and central to all of the Christian life. With all the talk about being “gospel-centered” it is easy to let it become a buzz word flippantly used with no reference point. In this little series, I hope to tether the phrase “gospel-centered’ to biblical exegesis and the regulative practice of the early church.  I hope you find it helpful!

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It has already been said that the sermon below by David Platt is perhaps the greatest missions message ever preached. I was a freshman in college when the buzz about John Piper’s sermon “Doing Missions When Dying Is Gain” filled the campus of University of Mobile. Not long after that, I embarked on my first cross-cultural mission trip and have not been the same.

I was privileged to hear this with 8,000 other folks at T4G last week. But more than that, I eagerly long to be in the company of those who heed the message as what I anticipate will be the call of this generation.

You can download the audio or read the live-blogging notes of Justin Taylor, or watch the video below.  If you have not listened or watched this message, please carve out an hour of your life and have the Spirit ruin you for the nations.

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