Yesterday morning, I took some time to do some spiritual inventory and assessment, and one of the things I have made a priority in my life is renewal through (re)discovery of the gospel in my life.  A couple of years ago, I wrote a seven-part series on gospel-centered renewal but noticed I never compiled the blogposts into one downloadable document.  So I took some time to do that, and as I revisit these blogposts, I thought perhaps they may be of some encouragement me to you as well.

Here’s the blog series:

1.  I Have Been Made New
2.  I Am Being Made New (Part 1)
3.  I Am Being Made New (Part 2)
4.  I Will Be Made New
5.  Renewal Through Remembering
6.  Gospel Renewal Through the Fear of the Lord
7.  Jonathan Edwards on Continued Transformation and Renewal 

>> To download the series as a PDF, click here