We Must Endeavor to Save Some

Tim Brister —  March 17, 2011 — 2 Comments

“If the kingdom is ever to come to our Lord–and come it will–it never will come through a few ministers, missionaries, or evangelists preaching the Gospel.  It must come through everyone one of you preaching it, in the shop and by the fireside, when walking abroad and when sitting in the chamber.  You must all of you be always endeavoring to “save some.” . . . Make this your resolve, every one of you, that if men perish they shall not perish for lack of your prayers, not for want of your earnest and loving instructions.  God give you grace, each one of you, to resolve by all means to save some, and then to carry out your resolution!”

~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon, The Soul Winner, 248-49.

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  • And we really need to pray for the Japanese today. We ourselves might well be in a worse fix, if an earthquake were to hit the New Nadrid fault again. Could it be possible that some other means than nature could be a factor in such events? Great events seem to be afoot, and change is in the air. God grant us the wherewithal to extend ourselves in prayer and witness to the end that the whole eaarth might be awakened to Christ.

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