My 2011 Philippians Memory Moleskine

Tim Brister —  December 22, 2010 — 30 Comments

Just a quick update on Partnering to Remember (P2R). After two days, 3,000+ folks have check it out with 821 downloading the PDF for the Philippians moleskine (not counting those who have discovered it on The Resurgence). This is great news!  Several have asked how I have set my P2R :: Philippians moleskine, so I took a few pictures last night.

I like to keep things rather simple as you will see, but this set-up has worked really well for me.  Hope these pictures give you curious folk an idea of how I roll.






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  • Aaron

    I’m all in! Also challenging the guys in my small group/accountability group to join as well. Looking forward to it!

  • Awesome! I’m going to put mine together this weekend. 🙂 Might make one for my dad, too.

  • Zach Mabry

    Hey Timmy,

    I don’t guess I ever told you, but I adopted your memory moleskine method several years ago and I think it’s great.

    A couple of things that I do differently are these:
    – I don’t like memorizing the verse numbers. If someone wrote me a letter and I assigned a number to every sentence, I think it’d be weird. And if you’re quoting it along with the numbers it’s really unnatural and breaks up the flow of Scripture. This is one of the things that I disagree with that Andy Davis pamphlet.
    – I stopped having those charts where I checked off which days I reviewed. I just didn’t want that to always be a part of my notebook.
    – I really like your idea (either yours or Dr. Davis’) about writing out a contract to the Lord and signing it. Some people may think that it’s legalistic… but big deal… it’s helpful.

    I hope that helps somebody. I love you friend. We need to hang out again soon.

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  • Charlotte

    I am putting mine together tonight. Haven’t done a memory program since high school, will see what thirty years has done to old brain. 🙂

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  • Tim, absolutely love this approach! I’ve been preparing my Bucket List for 2011, and memorizing Philippians with you is now on it!

  • Jared Lyda

    Dude! Thank you for sharing this. I asked my wife if she’d like to do this together and she was all in. We’re gonna grab our moleskins this week.

    I can’t think of a single better discipline to invest my time in.

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  • Dkshort

    Going to try.

  • How did you get your pages so big, my print out of the pdf is a lot smaller than what is shown in the pictures.

    • Joe C.

      Hey Matthew … He’s using the very small molskines rather that the more standard size. That’s why they’re so small. 🙂 3×5, not 5×7.

  • Cynthia

    I am excited to do this with our whole family. I just heard about it so we will be making our notebooks this week. My husband, myself and 6 of our children will be taking this challenge together! Thanks for all the helpful tips!

  • Matt

    I’m in! Also trying to encourage a couple friends to join with me.

  • James Taylor

    I’ve finally made my Moleskine – glad to get started! I’d be glad to hear from anyone else in the UK joining in.

    Tip: I found using 3M’s Spray Mount ( to be the best way to stick the sheets into my Moleskine – good, easy adhesive without the added ‘bulk’ of double-sided tape.

  • Jerry Laviña

    Putting mine together now.

  • Donna Gowen

    Just finished mine. Didn’t want to wait to buy a moleskin, so I used a smaller lined notebook. So excited to begin memorizing.

  • I’m in. I’ll try to encourage some of those in my church to get on board.
    BTW, I learned about this from Rick Warren’s tweet.


  • I am going to give it a try Mike! I’m a translator and live in Mexico City. I was wondering if you could come up with a version in Spanish or if you’d let me give it a try so I can share the challenge with family and friends from my church…
    I am already looking for a notebook of the likes you suggested here.

    Greetings, may the Lord be with you always.

  • Jacquie

    Just found this through facebook. I’m a little late but am going to join in. Thank you for providing this information to help memorize God’s Word.

  • Kind of ironic that I am putting this together using my Don’t Waste Your Life journal with Philippians 3:7-8 in the back of it. I am a little late in the game but I am looking forward to it.

  • Holden Caulfield

    Skip the PDF altogether and write it down yourself. Writing things down helps you remember too . . .

  • paula

    I’m in. Staring a bit late, but I’ll catch up!!

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  • I found this just recently, to late to get in on the Easter deadline. However, I am challenging our church to memorize the book of Philippians by the beginning of September when I plan to preach through the book. The ground should be well prepared for a fruitful harvest. I don’t have any idea how many will take we up on this challenge, but I’ll try and keep you posted

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  • Carol

    I am going to try this. I spend quite a bit of time, a couple of weeks each month for now, helping my independent parents (in their 90’s) who live out of town, about a three hour drive away. I have had to drop out of most church activities and am lucky to spend two Sundays a month in my home church. It can be lonely! I want to do this to stay in the Word and closer to Jesus. My parents are not believers!

  • Any plans to launch a new P2R project for 2013?