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I suppose I’m not the only who is experiencing crazy moments this time of the year.  Lots going on.  The photos above are from a much-needed family outing to Miromar Outlets. My wife loved getting good deals kiddos. Nolan loved it because they had monster water fountains everywhere. I loved it because I got to race the two-seater stroller around on a gorgeous afternoon.

Some major items coming up: first, Easter. We (GBC) have tried hard to have a more incarnational presence in our community as well as an innovative online presence–both of which are resulting in more contacts with those in our area.  We are praying and anticipating many to join us this Sunday who are strangers to God’s grace and looking to show and share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Second, Band of Bloggers.  We are officially sold out with over 200 now attending.  Honestly, I have a love/hate kind of relationship with this.  I love how this gathering encourages so many brothers and the fact that I am able to help give away 2,400 books for free.  I hate how much work and time that it involves without a budget or administrative assistance while doing everything else (family, church, mission, etc.).  Nevertheless, it is great to see the generosity of so many publishers and the ground support of my good friends at Sojourn (especially Bobby Gilles) who are really helping out with the logistics.

I plan on being at Together for the Gospel, so if you are going, let me know!  As you may have noticed, I’m trying to be more regular with the blog and Flickr as well (I also post often at our church blog). I hope something that is written will encourage you to press on into the glories of the gospel.  Jesus Christ really is that amazing.