As I mentioned earlier, I spoke this past weekend on the gospel and personal evangelism.  One of the things I challenged the college students to do is to read and resource themselves on the subject of the gospel and evangelism.  One of my goals is that, no matter what I’m studying or where I am in my theological development, I always have a book about the gospel before me.  I cannot afford for there to be a time in my life where I’m not being challenged and comforted by the gospel.

Below are the books I recommended to those at the college retreat.  The reading and resourcing challenge is one of ten areas where I specifically encouraged them in the development of a personal evangelism strategy, which I hope to write about more in the near future. By the way, I was able to fit these books all in one backpack. 🙂


Alleine, Joseph. A Sure Guide to Heaven. Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth,

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