The Devastating Effects of Assuming the Gospel

Tim Brister —  August 29, 2009 — 5 Comments
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  • nations1

    Was at Advance 09 when Matt preached this. Inside my heart I was screaming, “Yes”,and that is how I grew up also! Moralism, it fails, as all false religions do.

  • james clardy

    This is an epidemic in the South. It is a walk by law and not by faith culture. A gospel of moralism leads to hell.

  • And hopefully we won’t fall into the other ditch: antinomianism. Hopefully no one will think, hey, now I can watch R-rated movies without discernment, because I’m “free” in Christ; now I can drink alcohol, because I’m “free” in Christ; now I don’t have to pursue holiness, because I’m not a moralist.

    Frankly, that is what I’m witnessing among the “young, restless, and reformed” these days, and it is just as troubling and damaging to the Gospel as is moralism.

  • But I do admit that it may be more of a general problem than a young-Calvinistic problem. It’s just that so many young people today are being drawn to Calvinism through the likes of Piper, Driscoll et al. that this antinomian attitude is surfacing in so many of them. That is why I singled them out.

  • Oh goodness: I meant “generational” problem, not “general” problem. I can’t seem to type correctly tonight.