Dr. David Dockery, president of Union University and leading statesman in the SBC, recently spoke at California Baptist University in their “Christ & Culture” Lecture Series.  CBU has recently provided two of Dockery’s lectures from this past week from their chapel podcast.  The first lecture focuses on how denominations have been broken down and where they should go from here.  In the second lecture, Dr. Dockery shares his view of where denominations should be today and whether or not they should even matter at this point in our culture.

I encourage you, especially if you are a Southern Baptist (or a part of a declining denomination), to listen to these two podcasts.  A couple of years ago, I interviewed Dr. Dockery, asking some pointed questions and was given some excellent responses.  You can find that interview series by clicking here.

Here’s the audio (MP3) from CBU:

Lecture 1 :: Lecture 2