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Tim Brister —  June 23, 2008 — 10 Comments

As you already know, Ed Stetzer is the keynote speaker at the 2008 National Founders Conference beginning tomorrow. I thought it might be helpful to provide some links and info regarding Stetzer for those of you who may not be familiar with him, his writings, or his influence in church planting and revitalization.

Stetzer’s website and resource pages are well worth checking out, especially New Churches and his newly designed blog. You can also read about his testimony by going here.

Perhaps the most significant recent offering by Stetzer on the internet over the past year is his series called “Meanings of Missional” and “Monday is for Missiology.” Here are the links to his blogposts:

1. Monday is for Missiology (July 30, 2007)
2. Monday is for Missiology (August 6, 2007)
3. Monday is for Missiology (August 13, 2007)
4. Meanings of Missional – Part 1 (August 14, 2007)
5. Meanings of Missional – Part 2 (August 20, 2007)
6. Meanings of Missional – Part 3 (August 29, 2007)
7. Monday is for Missiology (September 10, 2007)
8. Meanings of Missional – Part 4 (September 17, 2007)
9. Meanings of Missional – Part 5 (October 2, 2007)
10. Missiology and Contextualization (November 19, 2007)

You may also want to check out some interviews with Stetzer, such as the one with Mark Driscoll (MP3), or the with Leadership blog (text), or the discussion with Scott Hodge and others (Ustream), or the one by SBCToday (mp3), or the one with Preaching.com (MP3) or yet another one by Mark Driscoll (text).

But if interviews are not your thing and rather prefer a “candid conversation,” check out this three-part YouTube series:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

But if you are not down with interviews or “candid conversations” and are the reading type, perhaps some of his books would be of some interest to you, including:

1. Planting Missional Churches
2. Breaking the Missional Code (with David Putman)
3. Breaking the Discipleship Code (with David Putman)
4. Comeback Churches: How 300 Churches Turned Around and Yours Can, Too (with Mike Dodson)
5. Compelled by Love: The Most Excellent Way of Mission (with Phillip Nation)

Then again, if you are not the book reading kind of person but rather like to hear Stetzer at conferences, perhaps you would be interested in his previous messages at such conferences as the Dwell Conference, Acts 29 Boot Camp, Exponential Conference, Whiteboard Conference, Baptist Identity Conference, and Building Bridges Conference. Or, if you are hard-core Southern Baptist, you may remember this message:

Finally, if you have a short attention span and want bite-size Stetzer, you can follow him on Twitter.

I suppose that will suffice for a primer on Stetzer for those less familiar with him. Of course, I would be amiss if I left out the two videos of his interview with Mark Dever at the recent WiBo Conference, so here they are:

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  • Dude, reading this makes me tired.


  • Douglas

    I for one do not trust Ed Stetzer as he cannot discern the Scripture twisting and false teachings of Rick Warren and his Purpose Driven Movement. Ed Stetzer should be exposing the false teachings and awful Scripture twisting of Rick Warren. Every Christian should be sounding a clear alarm about the deceptions within the whole Purpose Driven Movement.

    Will Ed Stetzer promote Rick Warren and his Purpose Driven Program at the 2008 National Founders Conference?

    Rick Warren and his Purpose Driven influence is infecting the church continually. There is not going to be a second reformation according to Rick Warren’s methods and message. What Rick Warren is doing is not a move of God, instead, it is a work of man. Yet through it all, God can still work, even when one tortures His word.

    The deception in the Church grows unabated, worldwide. Many professing reformed churches are now embracing Purpose Drivenism, tragic.

    A HREF=”http://www.monergism.com/directory/link_category/Seeker-Sensitive-Churches/Purpose-Driven–Rick-Warren/”>Purpose Driven & Rick Warren at Monergism.com

    Is Monergism.com a trusted resource? I believe it is.

  • Douglas

    Purpose Driven & Rick Warren at Monergism.com


    Is Monergism.com a trusted resource? I believe it is.

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  • Douglas,

    Monergism is a trusted source. Guilt-by-association isn’t. Stetzer has a wide-ranging influence of many pastors from across the evangelical landscape, and for that I am grateful. Of course, I don’t agree with Stetzer on everything, as I am sure that is the case regarding Stetzer and Warren. I would perhaps agree with you on some things, but certainly not on this one. Sorry.

  • Kris Harrison

    I’m curious, having watched the posted videos by Timmy, I wonder if you would agree with what Ed Stetzer says in these videos and I wonder if you think we can learn from him?

  • Phil,

    I knowest not thy name, but I disagree.


    If you cannot make a comment without the integrity to give your full name, please refrain from doing so. I do not mind you sharing your opinion, but do not hide behind anonymity or cloaking yourself in Scripture references. Your comments not only are lacking in substance but also in character. Thanks.

  • Sorry for the offense Timmy. I have reason for not sharing name though you wouldn’t understand. I was wrong in sharing my opinion and retract my thoughts. I apologize and would ask if possible you remove comments.

    By the way loved, absolutely loved Dr. Davis, what Truth he has shared and wisdom we must follow in the process of becoming True Church!

    Again Forgive

  • Phil,

    Per your request, I am going to remove your comment. Thanks for the retraction and apology. Yes, Dr. Davis shared some wonderful words regarding church reformation, and I look forward to listening and reading over what he preached tonight. It is certainly one of the finest messages on the topic that I have ever heard.

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