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Tim Brister —  April 4, 2008 — 16 Comments

Those of you who are WordPress (dot com) users, have you checked out the new dashboard?  What do you think?  I’m thumbing through it, and I really like the new dashboard.  I’m still checking out the new features, but overall it looks much cleaner.  I’d be interested in hearing what you all think about it.

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  • Um, I noticed that the word count is no longer on the “write” page. Bummer.

  • I just upgraded and love the new stats area. Going up to 2.5 also allowed me to use the new mimbo theme on my site which just ROCKS!

  • Do you mind me asking what is mimbo? Is that just a template theme or is that a widget or something. I think I saw something like that in the widget page . . .

  • I’m undecided on the new dashboard. All I know is for some reason the profile pics on the right side of our page (standingatshoulders.net) are bigger and have messed up the way the page looks. I’m not sure how it is connected, but I’m blaming the new dashboard!

  • Mimbo is a WordPress theme. He uses it at his blog: http://www.lightalongthejourney.com

  • Thanks Phil. When I clicked on it earlier, the default WordPress theme came up. Thanks for pointing me to it. I like the format. When I grow up in the WordPress world, I think I am going to change for a better theme. Right now, I am in elementary school when it comes to blogology. 🙂

  • It takes a little getting used to, but I think it is okay..

  • michael

    I haven’t really dived in yet, but from the looks of it, I think Happy Cog did a great job.

  • Matt


    Sorry to post this here as my question is completely unrelated. I looked for an email address or contact page on your site, but couldn’t find one. Hope that’s ok.

    Anyhow, from a post on JT’s blog back in 2006, I see that you were the one who contributed the photos for the “John Piper is Bad” video and commented that you know the person who did the video (Tony?). I was just trying to figure out where the Piper sermon audio came from. What sermon was that taken from? Do you know or would you know how I could find that? A friend of mine was asking me because I’m a huge Piper fan, but I didn’t know the answer.



    p.s. Doing my darndest to keep up with the PRC. Loving the selections!

  • Matt,

    I am not sure what sermon the audio is from, and I don’t think Tony knows either. I think he ripped it off another website, which is linked on the first version (I think). The photos on the first version are from T4G, and the second version is a mix of additional photos from DGCON 06 and T4G.

    I will check with Tony again, though, and see if has any idea.

  • Matt

    Thanks Timmy. I appreciate it. I’ll check back here. You can send me email at matt dot long at matthew dash long dot com if you figure it out. 😉

  • You’re welcome Matt. Oh, and I checked the YouTube video again, and Tony said that the audio came from foolishblog.com. However, if you type that in, it is redirected to:


    My guess is that they shut down the other blog and started this one and they were behind the audio clip.

  • New dashboard is great. Of course, I HAD just gotten used to the old one….

    Oh well. Change could do me good…

  • Matt

    Thanks again Timmy. I appreciate it. I’ll keep looking for the audio. If nothing else I’ll just listen to the *entire* Piper library on DG until I find it. Or, well…. maybe not. This is the first time I’ve found myself wishing Piper weren’t so stinking prolific. 😉


  • Have you noticed that the spellcheck feature is not there anymore? Or am I just missing it?

  • Yeah, you can delete that last post. It wasn’t there yesterday, but it’s there now . . .