VOTE for Reid!

Tim Brister —  April 3, 2008 — 8 Comments

The big dance at Said at Southern is coming to a close, and while I am actually in the running, I realize I have no chance in winning. Steve McCoy, teamed up with Joe Thorn and others, has built up quite the lead. However, I think that Reid Monaghan can take them on, and maybe with our help, he can top the boys from Illinois.

Therefore, I am asking you to take a moment between now and Saturday to go over to Said at Southern and “Provoke the Vote” for Reid’s blog, Power of Change. Again, DO NOT vote for me! That would be like being voting as a Republican in Seattle, WA. Right now, Reid is 72 votes behind Steve, but with your help, he can catch up!

Again, here’s the link. And scroll down to vote for “Power of Change“.

And no, I’m not getting any kickbacks either. I’m just going ecumenical. 😉

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  • Anyone who votes for Reid via Timmy’s post is also agreeing with Timmy that “boys” rhymes with “Illinois.” For the rest of you who realize the “s” is silent, please vote for me.

    My name is Steve McCoy and I approved this message.

  • Joe

    I think it’s in the fine print, but I am fairly certain that anyone who votes for Reid via Timmy’s blog is also promising to vote for the most fundamentalistic president this year at the Southern Baptist Convention.

  • Man, you guys are on top of this! Do you spend your afternoons clicking the refresh button on your Google Reader? I mean, less than 30 minutes after I post, you hold hands and respond in unison.

    I think I need to pull out more blog juice–Jose Canseco style.

  • Timmy – We need to work on your self esteem issues, either that or you really hate Joe & Steve. You didn’t even notice that Lumpkins demolished you at SBC Voices.

  • Er, Tony I think you’ve caused enough mischief. First you blog the index of Collin’s book, then you assert that I “hate” Joe and Steve, then you remind me that I got demolished at SBC Voices.

    Actually, I’ve got lots of love for Joe and Steve. Joe is a great conference roommate, and Steve makes the best rainbows ever. They just won’t let me get in on an Olan Mill’s photo with them. That’s called mutual exclusivity.

  • No it’s not. Remember that Joe and Steve are monogamous.

  • Yeah Timmy, your morality has really come into question through this whole “blog madness” thing. At first you are trying to break up me and my boyfriend, then you get jealous and wish to join us. Wow. Anyone who votes for Reid at Timmy’s request is supporting Timmy as a jaded, would-be home-wrecker.

  • I just think we need to all take a deep breath, come together, and sing this song in perfect harmony: