I trust that many of you are mining all the gold that is found in Burroughs this month! You will certainly want to catch up reading and be ready to share your thoughts on the open thread at the end of the month because RHB will be giving away an excellent bundle of books with a retail value of over $100! Here they are with a little description:

1. Gospel Revelation: Finding Worth in Knowing Christ by Jeremiah Burroughs
Description: When Christ asked Peter, “Who do men say that I am?” He understood that opinions are as varied as the men who hold them. But the only trustworthy knowledge of God comes from God Himself. Only God’s revelation of Himself is infallible; only that revelation can be trusted to save a sin-sick soul. In the last of the “gospel” series, Jeremiah Burroughs gives us God’s revelation regarding Himself and regarding His Son, Jesus Christ. And then he gives precious insight into the worth of the human soul, created by God to joyously serve and glorify Him. Sin debases a man, but a right relationship to God elevates him to the position of worth and dignity God gave him at first. True Christians can revel in this revelation. Retail: $26.00.

2. A Treatise on Earthly-Mindedness by Jeremiah Burroughs
Description: In this important work, Burroughs shows from Scripture the great sin of thinking as the world thinks rather than thinking God’s thoughts after Him. Then, realizing that right conduct is the result of right thinking, Burroughs gives us another gem in the second treatise offered here, A Heavenly Conversation, or Walking with God, which is a discussion on what it means to be heavenly minded, with an accent on living godly in Christ Jesus. Several chapters deal with how to foster heavenly conversation and a heavenly walk. Of this book, Mark Dever notes,”We give ourselves with abandon to our pleasures as if we would die tomorrow. But we build houses and we accumulate things as if we would live forever. You ought to consider this more. The Puritans were great at meditating on this life with the next one in view. I encourage you to read Jeremiah Burroughs’ A Treatise on Earthly-Mindedness . It is a wonderful meditation on exactly what this kind of worldly mindedness means, and what is looks like in our lives.” Retail: $19.00.

3. The Excellency of a Gracious Spirit by Jeremiah Burroughs
Description: This title was the first of his writing published. It is based on Numbers 14:24: “Caleb was of another spirit; he followed God fully.” The first part of this book deals with what that “other spirit” is — a gracious spirit, synonymous with a regenerate heart. Those with this gracious spirit are true Christians and desire to follow the Lord fully. The second part of this book explains what it means to serve God thoroughly from a spirit activated and motivated by His grace. I have personally been blessed immensely with this book and find it challenging and convicting. Retail: $24.00.

4. Meet the Puritans by Joel Beeke and Randall Pederson
Description: The most comprehensive guide to the Puritans in print. This work provides great biographical information on each of the Puritans along with a annotated description of all their works and reprints. Not only does it cover the English Puritans, but it also provides resources on the Scottish and Dutch Reformed traditions. The book also has a great reference index, including a lengthy bibliography and glossary of terminology. Shepherd’s Scrapbook named it the 2006 Book of the Year, and for good reason! Retail: $35.00.

Again, let me say a special thanks to Reformation Heritage Books who have been so supportive of this project. They have been incredibly helpful and generous, and I encourage you to consider checking out their bookstore if you plan on purchasing online as they have some of the lowest prices on great reformed and Puritan literature anywhere.

I will be posting the open thread in one week, and I look forward to reading your responses and interaction with Burroughs’ The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment.