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In this third and final part of my interview with Collin Hansen, we discuss the largest chapter in his book, entitled “Ground Zero: Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.”  Hansen is not an SBCer, so I was particularly interested in his reflections as a journalist looking in from the outside.  Some of you may remember me querying everyone for the top five reasons why you are Reformed, which was spawned off my discussion with Collin when we first talked.

There have been a couple critiques regarding why would Collin call SBTS “Ground Zero,” and I have asked him to elaborate specifically on this issue, and why in particular he chose to include the SBC in general and not stick exclusively with SBTS.  For those of you who want my take on this, besides what I shared in the interview, you can find them in my responses to Tony Kummer’s critique (see comments 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 15, and 18).

I also think it is appropriate to direct you to another conversation related to this podcast, which is a post by Nathan Finn over at SBC Witness, entitled “What Are the Most Pressing Issues Facing the Southern Baptist Convention?” (I commented five times over there too).

But back to the interview, here are the questions I asked in the final segment:

1.  As an outsider, what do you think about the current spike of controversy regarding Calvinism with the Southern Baptist Convention?

2.  For some, your book will be a cause for thankfulness and rejoicing, and for others it will be a cause for lamenting and grieving.  What would you say to each group in response?

3.  What do you hope to accomplish, in the end, with the publishing of this book?

So here it is: Interview with Collin Hansen Part Three
Total listening time is 23:50 :: (To download, right click, save as)


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