It’s really amazing how things have been coming together over the past 3-4 months. The first blog development was bringing Jason Meyer on for book reviews and contributing to blog series; then came Owen Strachan for culture commentary as well as various contributions; and now I am excited to share the news that Matthew Wireman will be coming on board to help develop a major part of P&P – Blue Collar Theology.

Matt and I have talked several times over the past couple of weeks about our passions, goals, interests, and future ministries. Prior to coming to Southern, Matt attended The Bethlehem Institute (TBI) in Minneapolis, MN (2003-2005) as well as served with Campus Crusade for Christ in Argentina (2000-2002). Currently, he is working on PhD in Systematic Theology at Southern Seminary with the future plans of pastoring, teaching, and and developing a form of church-based training with an emphasis on training future elders. Both the academic pursuit and ministerial vision of Matt line up beautifully with the purposes of Blue Collar Theology, for we both believe that the local church should be the place where leaders are developed, trained, and educated. Matt writes,

My vision for our ministry is to plant churches and form good church-based theological training. I want to have an elder-training center where we build into men’s lives who aspire to the office of elder and send them out to plant/re-vitalize churches.

I am thrilled about Matt coming on board to help develop a robust Blue Collar Theology where lay people are encouraged in their theological pursuits, churches are strengthened in their vision for theological education, and pastors are given resources to develop their people to love God, apply the truth, and communicate the gospel. Matt will begin his contributions this week, starting with theological accountability. Please welcome Matt to P&P as I know that his contributions will assist, edify, challenge, and encourage you in the journey ahead.