The Band of Bloggers fellowship is about a month away, and I want to provide a little update from my last announcement a couple of weeks ago.

1.  Registration

As of today, there are 86 people registered for this year’s event, putting us at around 57% capacity.   There is still plenty of room, so if you have considered attending, be sure to register before the end of the month (registration ends March 31st!).

2.  Panel Change

Due to some unforeseen commitments, Mark Lauterbach will not be able to join us for the panel discussion, although he will attend the fellowship as much as possible.  I have asked Abraham Piper to substitute for Mark as part of the panel to which he graciously agreed.  The new panel lineup is Tim Challies, Justin Taylor, Thabiti Anyabwile, and Abraham Piper.  Owen Strachan who blogs with me here will be moderating the discussion, focused on “The Gospel Trust.”

3.  Meeting Room

The meeting room at the Galt House has been changed in order to allow for conference tables.  The Band of Bloggers will be meeting in the Combs-Chandler room of the Galt House (2nd floor of Suite Tower).  Signs and directions will be provided.

4.  Giveaways

I have been working hard over recent weeks to do a little something special for those who attend.  At this point, I can say that the giveaways for everyone who attends is quite significant, especially if you consider such a small operation.  Many folks have been generous and supportive of this event, and I look forward to announcing the giveaways toward the end of the registration.

5.  Live-Streaming Help 

There have been several who have asked if we will be live-streaming the panel discussion online.  I would love to do this, but I will tell you that I neither have the money, the time, or the where-with-all to pull that off.  Anyone who is interested in helping in this matter please email me at [email protected]

I will be providing more updates in the weeks to come as the fellowship details are solidified.  I am super excited about this opportunity of meeting many of you for the first time as well as catching up with some folks from the first Band of Bloggers!