2007 Year in Review: Top 30-26

Tim Brister —  December 26, 2007 — 5 Comments

As the 2007 year comes to a close, I thought I’d provide a little year-in-review.  For the next six days, I am going to post annotated links to the top 30 posts of this year (determined by comments, backtracks, and personal recollection) as well as some other things to note.   

30. The Forgotten Henry

An introductory post to a writing project on a personal hero of mine, Carl F.H. Henry, on his forgotten legacy regarding the new evangelical conscience.  In this post I explain what motivated me to begin writing this project and why I believe it is vitally important today.

29. Monergism, T-Shirts, and Theology of Aesthetics

Monergism held a t-shirt contest earlier this year, and this post is a reflection of Christian aesthetics with the lyrics to Derek Webb’s song “T-Shirts.”

28. Devil in a Baptist Press?

A post written prior to the annual meeting in San Antonio where Doug Baker’s article was censored by Baptist Press with no editorial statement, correction, or justification.

27. 2007 State Convention Analysis

A personal analysis of Southern Baptist State Conventions on three issues: money, messengers, and resolutions.

26. Decisional Regeneration and Southern Baptist Eisegesis

Concerning Southern Baptist curriculum and the reinterpretation of Scripture in order to justify modern-day evangelistic methods of decisional regeneration.

*** Top 5 Gospel-Centered Blogs ***

5.  Gospel Driven Church (Jared Wilson)
4.  Founders Ministries Blog (Tom Ascol)
3.  GospelDrivenLife (Mark Lauterbach)
2.  Irish Calvinist (Erik Raymond)
1.  Of First Importance

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  • Tim,

    I am:

    1) impressed that you are able to do this with a new baby at home (Getting much sleep?); and
    2)Looking forward to teh rest of the list.

  • Bart

    Tim, thanks for the honours! Isn’t it great how many gospel-focussed blogs are out there?

  • Erik

    Tim, thanks for the love and congrats on the new baby!! I love his name…

  • Thanks Jerry. I think blogging will decrease next year, at least in the volume but hopefully not in content.


    Indeed. I am really encouraged about the gospel-centered blogs. I am looking forward to blogging more on the gospel in 2008. You guys are doing a great work!


    Thanks man. I happen to like his name too. 😉

  • Timmy, thanks so much for the inclusion in your short list. It is an honor, sir.