Don’t You Wish Your Preacher Was Hot Like Me

Tim Brister —  November 7, 2007 — 21 Comments


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  • gavin


    Your tag to this post says it well.

    This reminds me of something I heard Mark Dever say (though I think he was quoting someone else?):

    “The Church has become so much like the world that they no longer have any questions they want to ask us”

  • That may be the worst thing I’ve ever seen… can I have that 82 seconds of my life back?

  • Adam Brown

    Motive for going to a particular church:

    1. Find a hot wife
    2. Be Cool
    3. Leave your church that “sucks”

  • Uh…is this an endorsement or ridicule? It is funny, but sad. I’ve noticed another one of the clips for this church on another site today. Does anybody know if this church preaches the Gospel or what?


  • I’m sorry Timmy, that was way too serious of a question. I think I know you better than that. After I saw a couple of other clips, I know the answer. πŸ™‚


  • Travis,

    According to YouTube, this video was posted by the church (City Church – Chicago). Here is their website:

    As far as I could tell, the church does not have a statement of faith on their website, but Mancow goes to church there (click on the leadership button).

    I tagged the post as “ecclesiological prostitution.” I think that succinctly states my initial thoughts . . .

  • Yeah, I missed the tag too. (Long day). πŸ˜‰ Good choice for the category.

  • Mark Pemberton

    Very sad, very sad. And it’s unfortunate that this isn’t new, and it’s growing. Can anyone say Joel Osteen? Ok, he may be a different flavor, but the fruit is the same. Their message is that we need to “feel good” about ourselves. I think my 2 year old said it best – It’s My Go First!! (Ok, maybe it’s just funny to me… LOL)

    Time to get on my knees and pray for these people…

  • Ah, I laughed. I LAUGHED so hard…I’m still laughing. This is so good it belongs on the Simpsons!

  • Does anyone got a transcript of this thing? I’d really like to know what all the laughing and groaning is about.

  • Stephen,

    This is the bulk of what this guy says:

    City church is “the hottest church in the Midwest” unlike the other churches he argues that “if we keep it real, most people think that churches suck, and most of the time they’re right.” On the contrary, “the City Church is different, I promise you that,” and here is the reason why:

    “The pastor is good looking, he can play ball, his wife is way too hot for him to have, but somehow he scored her.”

    [insert music]

    “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me . . .”

    Therefore, the churches that “suck” don’t have a good-looking, athletic pastor with a sexy wife. The “miracle” that City Church offers is the possibility that “you too can find a wife like [their pastor].”

    There you have it in a nutshell. The hottest church around because of the sexiness of the pastor and his wife, and the possibility that you too, if you came, could meet another hot person that is different from all the other churches that “suck.”

    After having looked at their other videos, Stephen, I don’t think they want us to take them seriously (at least I hope not). Nevertheless, the very fact that such silliness is so pervasive reflects how far we are from ever knowing and experience the weight of glory in our churches. Sanitized Chris Rock’s we have; bonified Jeremiah’s we have not.

    Caveat: Stephen is deaf; ergo, the request for the transcript, which in my version, is shorthand but accurate quotes of the audio.

  • Let’s see…I haven’t “looked good” in a while, the old ball glove is gathering dust, according to the ad my wife isn’t hot enough; therefore I suck.

    So in other words, I need to take Rogaine until I’ve got hair like Fabio; run til I’m slimmer and trimmer than Joe Thorn; re-develop an old obsession with the batting cages and softball leagues; spend a small fortune on various cosmetic surgeries for me and my wife; and then I just might have that deaf megachurch where I can be on TV and sell prayer hankies and water from the Ohio…uh…the Jordan…


    You know, as much as I really miss baseball, I don’t miss the obsession I had with the batting cages. As much as I adore hot women, if my wife got any hotter I’d combust. And I’ll settle for being as slim as Joe Thorn one day. With that I think I’ll go to bed and enjoy my wife and church who just plain suck.


  • Is that supposed to be tongue in cheek? Please say yes.

  • I vote tongue-in-cheek as well, since the other videos are likewise funny but void of content, leaving you only chuckling and thinking “City Church”. I guess that follows contemporary advertising strategy….

  • If this church wanted to be taken seriously, do you think that Yanni’s little brother (Chuck, was it?) would be talking about how the pastor married Paris Hilton? The pastor can play ball too? That’s it! I’m packing up and moving to Chicago to attend this church right now! God who?

    Why isn’t the actual pastor the one delivering this commercial? Why is Chuck, a “guest speaker” the one talking about how hot some other man’s wife is? If he’s speaking, then why isn’t he talking about how great HE is? And WHAT IS UP with that shirt? All he needs is some chest hair and sunglasses to complete the look.

  • Letitia asked,

    “What is up what that shirt?”

    Two words: Man cleavage.

    It’s hot, and it’s in baby!

  • corriejo

    Oh my! The flashing pictures of the “hot wife” are actually pictures of her. And, I too want to know what is up with that t-shirt. What is left? I don’t think I really want to know.

  • “Yanni’s little brother”


  • Hi,

    I did a little looking around and immediately noticed Steve Munsey. He’s pretty big on the TBN and is very forward with his request for “seeding”. I assume by last name comparison that the Lead and Senior pastors were father and son.

    One would assume that if they both serve together he doesn’t view his fathers ridiculous skewing of scripture as all that bad. I’m guessing that this church is a lot like Steve’s TBN ministry, with his son making it cooler.

  • Wayne Roberts


    I don’t remember if this was a dated video or not, but it’s not up on YouTube anymore. Of course to give the church the benefit of the doubt…I used to watch Fox & Friends when E.D. Hill was a co-host and Mancow had a regular spot. He would without fail tell E.D how hot she was everytime he was on the show. Since Mancow is a member of this church maybe it’s an inside joke?

  • Drew

    I think they are trying to be funny and to pock fun at “Church” in order to be like the world… order to get people into their church. There are many pagan Christians. btw, this is the Pastor’s wife myspace.