Boyce prof says, “Life is more than hangin’ with the honies.”

Tim Brister —  November 15, 2007 — 14 Comments

Dr. Jim Orrick, professor of Literature and Culture at Boyce College (Southern’s undergraduate school), expresses himself in this rap he wrote and performed during Great Books class in a discussion of Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy.

I must say that, after having watched this, Dr. Orrick comes close to rivaling Dr. Ron Nash’s classic hip shake. Rap is certainly making some in-roads, or so it seems. Last year, the Duncan brothers set it off at T4G, and my good friend Owen Strachan is quite the rapper himself. Look out Cross Movement – competition’s comin’ (well, then again, maybe not).

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  • Josh Chavers

    This Thanksgiving I am so very thankful for cell phones and YouTube.

  • gavin


    Is there a way that I can get this video in format that can be burned to disc???

    I teach an 11th grade Apologetics/Worldview class in our Christian School, and I’d love to show them this video!

  • Good stuff!

  • …left me speechless… 🙂

  • DANG IT!! i’m a new orleans seminary alum… you’d think when you get your degree in Master P’s hometown, that you’d get some of that action in ad. psych or basics of youth ministry at least.

    so what do you guys got going on over at the school of music?

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  • Gavin,

    I am not sure. It would be great to get a MP4 version of it to download. (I am not sure who authored this video.)


    I am not sure about the school of music, but I am finding musical talent among many of the profs here. For example, you can frequently find Dr. Nettles singing a little ditty in class, and Dr. Gentry can always impress with some Scottish poetry. Dr. Allison also gives students the opportunity of writing and recording a song about a doctrine they studied in class in place of writing a research paper.

  • Sheer greatness!

  • Adam Brown

    I had Dr. Orrick this Fall for Great Books and he is awesome. I’ve learned more in his class than all my others combined for the semester. Looking forward to GB 2 next term.

  • D. Taylor Benton

    Let me say being one of Dr. Orrick’s students and family friend, That is just the top of the iceberg my friends! I have seen this rap two times in person, and that rap doesn’t begin to showcase Dr Orrick’s talents. One of the most brilliant and amazing profs I can honestly say I have ever had. Props to Dr. O!

  • Forest Aalderink

    wow… WoW… WOW!!! now that’s a classic… a bit different from his Baptist Catechism and Psalms 🙂

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  • Janet Ashworth

    Jimmy Orrick, I have heard you preach since I was a child, but I have never seen you on “stage” like that. Fanstastic, my friend. Keep on Rappin’ j