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Tim Brister —  October 13, 2007 — 8 Comments

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As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, we had our first party for baby Nolan.  I wasn’t the only person there with a camera, and my aunt happened to capture some pictures of me and my family.  I am also posting a few of my own in the upcoming days.  Eight weeks away baby!  We are pretty pumped to say the least. Oh, and since it is Gameday Saturday, I figured it would be appropriate to post one more picture . . . 🙂

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P.S. – Have you voted for my question today?  C’mon, gimme your ten votes!  Currently, my question is #6, but your votes can help bump it up towards the top!

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  • Adam Brown

    Roll Tide, where is the defense today? (currently 17-17)

  • Dude, that is just sad. And I thought you were Reformed. Yet you’re going to indoctrinate your kid in the Crimson Tide heresy. Tsk. “You need to get right with God.”


    Seriously, don’t you just love those things? My dad recently got a Tennessee set and told us flatly that if it was a boy we had to name it “Peyton.” Heh heh heh.

  • Adam,

    It’s a good thing that Ole Miss guy went out of bounds! Good grief! I’m glad that’s over. Oh, and now that LSU lost, we are currently tied for 1st place in the SEC West. Woot!


    I was going to proof text that last picture with Prov. 22:6, but I am in hermeneutics class right now, so I felt a little guilty with that thought. But you know that “bama” is in the Bible right? At least that’s what these novelty t-shirt stores tell everybody. Oh, and the color of blood is “crimson.” There you have it. A intricate and tenable argument for being a Bama fan. 😉 (/sarcasm)

  • I am breaking my personal rule about commenting on blogs with this one. But this is serious. The Roll Tide heresy is on the rise since the arrival of the false prophet Saban. It is dangerous. But there is a cure. Cry out to the God of heaven and earth, who made sun orange and the sky blue.

  • Adam Brown

    Roll Tide and I hope Auburn loses or there will be a 3 way tie for the West! Now we move on with TN and LSU up next, in T-Town. The sky may be blue and the sun may be oragnish but God predestined the Tide before the foundation of the world to be the best college football program in the world. Alabama Crimson Tide, God’s Chosen People. Respect it.

  • Adam Brown

    Orangish, excuse me, I am from Alabama!

  • What is Mahmoud Ahmandinejad doing standing next to your wife like that? Did he swing by from his visit to the UN? Enquiring Minds Want to Know! (actually photo #3 is the most ominous.) Of course, I should post a scan of my Canadian passport photo sometime. I wouldn’t let me into the country. 😀

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