Elemental Evangelism Summary

Tim Brister —  October 16, 2007 — 3 Comments

Over the past week, I have attempted to elaborate on various “elements” of my approach to evangelism. Below are how the series breaks down:

Elemental Evangelism Part One
1. Missional/Contextual
2. Relational/Personal

Elemental Evangelism Part Two
3. Apologetical
4. Doctrinal/Biblical

Elemental Evangelism Part Three
5. Confrontational
6. Pastoral

Elemental Evangelism Part Four
7. Doxological

I would love to hear your thoughts on whether you agree or disagree with any of these elements, or, if there are other elements that I may have not addressed. This series was not intended to be a comprehensive explanation on my practice of evangelism but merely to highlight some elements I try to practice. In any case, I hope that you may have found something you can take away. May God burn in our hearts a passion for our world of the lost through a deeper commitment to the gospel which he has entrusted us.

Note: I have compiled these four posts in a PDF file should anyone be interested in downloading it. You can download it by clicking here.

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  • I think the most important thing you said in this series may have been “when a person who I shared the gospel with becomes a Christian, I am personally responsible to help them grow in Christ. ”

    Hit and run evangelism does no one any favors. We want to save people from hell, yes, but more than that, we’re called to (if I may borrow the phrase) making disciple making disciples.

    This was a really good series.

  • I think your series has been excellent! I’ve enjoyed reading it. ChrisB speaks my heart about hit and run evangelism — it avoids disciplemaking, and so avoids the relational aspect about connecting people to the church.

    Pastor Chris

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