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Tim Brister —  September 28, 2007 — 10 Comments

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Last weekend was the first time my wife and I vacationed together since our honeymoon four years ago.  As I mentioned earlier, we spent Friday afternoon at Sanibel Island, whose beaches resembled very much the beaches we enjoyed on our honeymoon in St. Thomas and St. John.  The sand was quite stiff, and the beaches were very peaceful (see above photo).  I still think Destin and Gulf Shores has the better beaches, though.  🙂  As soon as we got to the beach, I crashed, waking up only to find my face getting cooked in the south Florida sun (yes, Arabs can get burnt too).

While in Florida, we stayed with a wonderfully sweet and hospitable couple, Don and Barbara Reisinger.  For some of you, that last name might ring a bell.  Don’s father is Ernest (Ernie) Reisinger, and his uncle is John Reisinger.  It was fascinating to learn more about these men and the incredible way God has used them.  Don has an amazing ministry of distributing sermons both locally and nationally (he gave me over 500 messages on MP3!), reminding me very much of Mt. Zion Chapel Library in Pensacola, Florida.  The picture of Calvin’s prayers and devotions was our bathroom reading material (just above the toilet).  Behind Calvin was an old book of Jonathan Edward’s devotions.  With such good books as that, I could see myself stuck in the bathroom for a while!  Don and Barb, if you read this, thank you again for being such gracious hosts for Dusti and me.  Not only did we come away with a wonderful weekend, God has given us new friends in you.

This weekend, we have our first baby shower.  I really have no idea what I am supposed to do as I presume this shower business is very much a lady thing, but I am sure I will be put to work with the camera and/or camcorder.  Should be fun.

Oh, and a few weekend predictions (especially for Scott Slayton).

Alabama 21, Florida State 10
Florida 42, Auburn 17
Louisville 38,  N.C. State  24
Appalachian State 110, Elon 3

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  • Tim:

    Great pics. Don and Barb are two of the most grace-exuding people that I know. They display the Gospel in the way that live and are constantly seeking to serve others and point people to our Savior. I am glad you got to know them.

  • Congrats on the impending birth. Your job at the shower is to 1) be involved, 2) stay out of the way (I didn’t say it would make sense), 3) say everything is cute (practical, useful, helpful, even important are not what they’re looking for), and 4) dote very visibly on mom. If you’re lucky you’ll be on camera duty, but you should expect to get stuck in the midst of everything helping your wife with presents.

    You can still have fun, so try to enjoy yourself.

  • Dude!!! I wrote a while back that we ought to upgrade our bathroom reading, and you’ve captured pictoral evidence that I was on to something!!!! Now my wife will think me even more insufferable for installing a few select texts on our shelf. 😀

  • Tom,

    Yes. It was very hard to leave the Reisinger home. That library had such a drawing effect. Kind of like irresisible grace. 🙂 The love and heart of service they showed was an incredible blessing and humbling experience.


    Now that is some good advice – be involved but stay out of the way! Sounds like a good balance there. I wonder if I will need to be the guy who opens the plastic stuff that is more than just kid proof.


    Did you see the $1.25? 😉

  • Adam Brown

    Sounds like a great experience at the beach (minus sea shells). I wanted everybody to be in prayer for a meeting tomorrow. I have a meeting at our home with two LDS elders and a leader from the church. The meeting is at 1:00p. Prof. Travis Kerns will be here as well so please pray that God would do a marvelous work of His Grace on the hearts of these men tomorrow. Thanks!

    BTW- Bama 28 FSU 14
    – Auburn Loses Big

  • Don & Barb Reisinger

    Timmy and Pastor Tom, we are humbled by your kind words. To God be ALL glory and how we thank Him for the power and effectiveness of HIS grace. Of this grace, we have learned much from you, Pastor Tom, in both your personal life and teaching during our 13 years as part of your flock. Timmy, we truly enjoyed having you and Dusti stay with us and were so encouraged by the fellowship we shared with you both. Please know that you are welcome to come back ANYTIME!

    Donnie & Barb
    PS–We think you may be the first person to read our bathroom material! We KNOW you are the first one to comment on it–and in such a public way! 🙂

  • Beth Coon

    My dad (Don Reisinger) loves to send you home with sermons on MP3’s and now the latest is DVD’s! What will be his next form of media to get out the preaching and teaching of the precious Word! I am glad you enjoyed the time with my dad and Barb, it is a blessing to me to hear how they are constantly having people in there home. ( I just wish I could get there more often) They told me much about your visit with them and I know they truly enjoyed their time.

  • Beth,

    Your father has a ministry I hope to one day be able to have. His generosity inspires me greatly to give my life away for Jesus. I hope to one day have the opportunity of meeting you. Thank you for commenting and have a blessed week!

    Timmy Brister


  • I know, I know. My brother and I kept saying after the game, “Boy are we going to hear it on this one!” It was a good game to watch (contra Alabama!).

    BTW, congrats on baby Christian! Everything going good?