Please Join Me in Praying for Dr. Nettles

Tim Brister —  July 31, 2007 — 5 Comments

I know that I have mentioned this several times over the course of this summer, but I wanted to specifically ask that you pray for Dr. Nettles today.  For those of you who have not been aware of his health condition, Dr. Nettles developed pneumonia shortly after the Spring semester ended.  As he began to get over the pneumonia, ulcers were found on his vocal chords which has severely affected his ability to speak.  Today he is going to a doctor to have a stroboscopy done.  Many of us have been impacted by Dr. Nettles through his classroom lectures, speaking engagements, books, and personal friendship.  I am asking that for you to join me in praying for Dr. Nettles today and continue to as the Lord leads.  I am specifically praying for God to touch his vocal chords and heal his throat.  One of the many things I have learned from Dr. Nettles both in doctrine and in practice is that he esteems the providence of God and is passionate man of prayer.

May our gracious Lord attend to the prayers of His people as we lift up our dear brother.  Thank you for praying.

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  • Dearest Lord,

    Please bless Dr. Nettles with renewed health and a continuation of his ministry to Southern Baptists.

    In Christ,

  • I’m sure if anyone knows that all things happen by God’s grace and for His glory, it is Dr. Nettles. Let’s trust and pray that God makes his power and mercy known in this chapter of Dr. Nettles’ life.

    If I may speak out of selfish reasons, I covet having him back in health and good spirits to teach my church history class this semester.

  • Thank you, Dr. Yarnell, for your prayers. I appreciate your comment and concern.

    Amen, Adam. Moments like this in life is where the kiss of biblical theology and practice is the sweetest, even in the midst of bitter realities.

  • i just received an email from dr. nettles with an update. he seems to, as usual, still be in good spirits.

    it looks as if with a bit of time, and with some therapy he will recover, with the lord’s grace of course.

    as of now, he will be teaching this fall, with some help the first part of the semester with lectures.

    please continue to keep him and mrs. margaret in your prayers. may the lord continue to use him and his ministry to impact the world for the kingdom.


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