NFC Photo Bundle 2

Tim Brister —  June 28, 2007 — 2 Comments

We had a nice break Wednesday afternoon, so Joe and I hunted down P.F. Chang’s for some tasty lettuce wraps and mongolian beef.  After lunch, we walked around a part of Tulsa (Eutica Square) and thought we’d take some pictures.  Though not related to the conference, I thought I’d share some of the images:


To view all the images, go here.  To watch a slideshow, go here

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  • Mike Hatfield

    Aww Timmy,
    If you would a just moved to the right a litte bit, it woulda looked like Joe had a flower in his hai……. on his head!

  • Ha, yeah Joe didn’t give me much time to take these pictures. He knew I was working to get a funny picture of him since he did me wrong on his blog. The whole week we were trying to get funny and embarrassing pictures of one another – that is, after the first morning when I rolled over to find Joe with his camera, flash and all, snapping away at me in bed. Totally uncool, but I got him back.