Here are some photos from Tuesday at the NFC.  It was a great day meeting several folks, including Phil Newton, Fred Malone, Bill Ascol, the Pyromaniacs (Phil, Frank, and Dan), and many more.  Somehow Joe and I were invited to have dinner with Dr. Wells after tonight’s message, along with Phil Newton and Sam (I can’t remember his last name).  We discussed everything from the New Perspectives of Paul to evangelicals leaving for the RCC to theological and ministerial counsel for young pastors.  Joe pointed out some books Dr. Wells recommended as well as the soda that was named after him (well, not really). 

I should mention briefly that Dr. Nettles was not able to be here at the conference for health reasons.  Please pray for Dr. Nettles.  When I last talked to him (before the SBC annual meeting), he was just getting over pneumonia.  Most recently, ulcers have appeared on his throat, and he is not able to speak at all.  Tom Ascol will be speaking in his stead tomorrow morning, and Phil Newton will be speaking Friday in Tom’s regularly scheduled slot (Friday morning).  May the Lord of life minister to our brother Dr. Nettles during this time. 

Now to the photos . . .

>> Puritan Paperbacks!


>> Phil Newton

 >> Roy Hargrave

 >> Dr. David Wells

 >> Joe (he’s also been taking photos – well sort of.  This is all that he has so far.)

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