Two weeks ago, I posted some of my research on the last two decades of the Calvinism controversy in the Southern Baptist Convention, chronicling dates, researching leading influences, and offering some contributing factors perpetuating it.  As expected, some of the information was not quite accurate, and more information was compiled (additional two pages of links).  I mentioned that I would provide an updated version of my compilation after San Antonio, so I would like to make that available to you today.  Here it is:

A Chronological Compilation of the Calvinism Controversy in the Southern Baptist Convention, 1978-2007, Revised and Expanded

Please note that the research is still ongoing, and any additional information would be greatly appreciated.  My goal is simply to provide a document that will inform more Southern Baptists on a transcendent issue that has marked the SBC from its inception to current day.  Some of the earlier dates do not have links provided because the information is not available online.  I am currently working on the feasibility of providing a downloadable version of these documents.  The next version of this document should be made available towards the end of this year (assuming that it will need to be revised and expanded).  Enjoy.