TCC Photo Bundle 3

Tim Brister —  May 6, 2007 — 4 Comments







All photos from Friday evening at the True Church Conference.  Images by Timmy Brister.  To see more, go here

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  • gavin

    Jeff Noblitt looks like the guy from “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”…just an observation:)

  • Gavin,

    I have to say that Law and Order was not on my limited t.v. programming, so I am going trust you on that one. We need Marc at Purgatorio to come back with his “separated at birth” juxtapositions.

  • may I use one of your Paul Washer pictures that I may use as background for an excerpt of his sermon “Being What You Are – Romans 6 and Regeneration” (29/04/08) that i’m turning into a video for youtube?

  • Sure thing, Rita. No problem.

    Thanks for asking!