TCC Photo Bundle 1

Tim Brister —  May 4, 2007 — 4 Comments





All photos in this bundle are from Thursday night at the True Church Conference.  Photos by Timmy Brister

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  • dunamis

  • Why does Dean Moore (who is, in my humble opinion, a most excellent preacher), always seem to look so angry and annoyed while preaching?

  • Andrew,

    Unfortunately, when I am live-blogging a conference, I am severely limited in the time I have to take photos. Usually, I try to grab my camera and shoot during a period of the message where a story or illustration is being told. That said, I spent less than 2-3 minutes per speaker capturing images. I don’t know if that explains everything, but it may be that it was during a moment when Dr. Moore was making a point that I captured the photos.

  • G. F. McDowell


    Moral Fiber, what did you think I meant?