There is no learned man but will confess that he hat much profited by reading controversies — his senses awakened, his judgment sharpened, and the truth which he holds more firmly established. All controversy being permitted, falsehood will appear more false, and truth the more true.

–John Milton, as quoted in The Golden Treasury of Puritan Quotations, compiled by I. D. E. Thomas (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1989), 62-63.
Alright.  So I thought I’d share with you some of my research over the past couple of weeks.  This isn’t comprehensive, but it is close.  Let me say “thanks” to those of you who have assisted me in either resources or general information.  If there any other events that I left out, please let me know.  Or, if I have wrongly attributed a date or detail, a correction would be humbly welcomed.  In any case, I hope this serves to bring a little historical perspective on the issue of Calvinism in the SBC, and as you will see, how Southern Baptist bloggers played a significant role in recent years.  Here it is:

A Chronological Survey of the Calvinism Controversy in the SBC

[Note: As you will see, I put what I thought were the 12 most significant events in recent years, and at the end I have included what I see are contributing factors to the resurgence of Calvinism as well as the contributing factors to the whipping boy of Calvinism.]