Welcome to the New Home of Provocations & Pantings

Tim Brister —  December 31, 2006 — 11 Comments

Thank you for taking the jump with me over to WordPress. I hope that those of you who followed P&P from Blogger will find this site easier to navigate and more accessible than my old blog. I would, however, appreciate any feedback you can give me on the new look and layout. In case you did not know, unlike Blogger, anyone can comment on WordPress (given that you have an email address) without having having to have an account.

As you can see, the new URL is www.timmybrister.com. For those of you who desire to subscribe to the feed, you can find it on my sidebar or go to www.timmybrister.com/feed. The old blog site will remain online, though I have transferred approximately 700 posts to the current address. If it is not too much to ask, all of you who have been so kind to link me to your website or blogroll, please change the link with the new P&P address. If you are new to my blog, thanks for stopping by, and I hope that you find something substantive and helpful in the future.

In the meantime, let me wish you all a very wonderful and Christ-centered new year. Like many of you in the Edwarsean tradition, I have been thinking about where God is leading me with greater resolve and conviction for the new year. I will post a little on this and the new additions to P&P in the days ahead. Thanks again and see you soon!

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  • Congrats! Looks good! I’ve updated the link to your blog. I am still setting up my own new space and your old link was there for less than 24 hours!

    Happy New Year!

    “4. Resolved, never to do any manner of thing, whether in soul or body, less or more, but what tends to the glory of God; nor be, nor suffer it, if I can avoid it.”

  • Timmy,

    Nice new blog man. I love WordPress and hope it works well for you. I know we’ve been playing phone-tag lately, but I do look forward to chatting soon. I have added your new blog address to my side bar and updated your feed in my Google Reader (now blows away bloglines).

    Happy New Year Bro. I hope our families will have time to hang in ’07.

  • Welcome to WordPress. Looking good. I’ll update your link on my blog.

  • John Elam

    Great looking blog Timmy!

    Here’s to a great year of posting and serving the Lord through a good blog site.

    Blessings to you!

  • Timmy,
    Keep up the good work. Your efforts are bearing fruit…keep pressing on to Love Him with all your mind.
    I’ll try to make time to complete the survey this week, Ed Elliott (T4G!)

  • Wow! Good job Timmy.

  • Excellent looking flat, mate. Your link has been updated in the blogroll. Should I provide a link to the old one as well or will the blogger site be unceremoniously purged?

  • Thanks guys. I really appreciate the comments and feedback!

    There are a couple of things I find frustrating (like not being able to insert HTML in template and figuring out text boxes), but those are minor compared to the other benefits I am enjoying from moving to WordPress.

    Also, thanks for updating your blogroll and links. I must confess that I have been one of those guys who has been lethargic when it comes to doing the little things like updating links.

    >> Joe, I am going to call you . . . again. 🙂

    >> Stephen, I will keep the old P&P up, but there is no need in linking to it anymore because the majority of posts have been imported to this blog.

    Now, I’ve got some blogging to do!

  • Timmy:

    Just curious – are you changing your headers everyday? If so are you doing it manually or is there something in WordPress which does it for you. I’m curious because I like the idea of rotating headers but I don’t want to spend the time doing it every day or week or whatever. Thanks.

  • William,

    Yeah, I am just playing around with my headers right now. it would be nice to have some automated cycling of headers, but I am changing them after I post each morning. Actually, it takes me less than a minute to upload the new header which is quite nice. Right now, I have about 30 headers that I have developed for the blog from my old photos in Flickr. Because I still am not able to edit or post new photos, I have had to be creative to do something with my old ones, so I am editing one or two photos a day and developing these headers.

    By the way, what’s your header resolution size? This template is 740×180, and the other blog (the Protos Fellowship) is 770×200. I have about 5-10 headers for that one. If your blog has the same header size, feel free to use any of the headers on your blog if you like. I have all the images without text, set at the needed resolution and size.

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