I am coming up on 12 years of blogging (in March). So much of what I have written here has been biographical for me, from my journey as a seminary student, to engaging in Southern Baptist life, to life as a pastor and serving the local church, and my passion for gospel centrality. Over the past couple years, I have blogged less and less for two primary reasons: (1) I wanted to spend more time offline living out my faith in the trenches of ordinary life, and (2) the past couple of years have been a demanding season of growth and transition that necessitated more time away from the computer.

With that said, I have been encouraged by friends to share about the journey of the past few years, specifically as it relates to neighboring and life on mission. I believe I am at a place in life right now where I can take time to blog about these matters, much of it in real-time, as I continue to pursue a life of making disciples, loving neighbors, and developing gospel community.

My plan is to not have much of one. Rather, I will post personal commentary, quotes from resources I am reading, sermons or videos I found helpful, and life on the block. My approach will be that of a practitioner, proven to fail at times, but determined to press into the life Jesus has called us as His disciples.

While I would hope that such a topic would pique the interest of a wide number of people, I realize I may be writing to a rather small number of people. My hope is that all of you would be encouraged and that this tribe would grow.