Carl HenryToday marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Carl F.H. Henry. While in seminary, I don’t think there was another theologian who influenced me more. In my free time, I spent dozens of hours collecting all of Henry’s work in journals, magazines, and books in hopes of one day doing advanced studies on his uneasy conscience for the 21st century.

In one of my classes, Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism, I wrote a paper called “Surgeon for Social Change: Carl F.H. Henry and the New Evangelical Conscience. It was the beginning of my exploration of this man’s legacy of thought. I thought in honor of his 100th birthday, I’d post it here on my blog for those interested in reading it.

Thanks, Carl Henry, for your incredible mind, and even more, your uneasy conscience.

» Surgeon for Social Change – Carl F. H. Henry and the New Evangelical Conscience