THC-Logo_VertThree weeks ago, a team of 16 from The Haiti Collective traveled to Haiti for a week-long mission endeavor. Every year, we host a network-wide Bible conference in a hotel, which brings in 65 pastors, deacons, and orphan school teachers. This year, the focus was on the primacy and sufficiency of Scripture for life and ministry. God put an amazing team together with a team of eight pastors from five different states delivering 12 messages and six panel discussions. We also gave away two books by John Piper in French (The Passion of Jesus Christ and Dangerous Duty of Delight), thanks to another supporting church’s generosity.

In addition to the Bible conference, we did conducted a medical and dental clinic in three of our churches in Haiti (Desarmes, Drouin, and Saint-Marc). Over $$16,000 free dental care was provided alone through the dental team, which included a dentist serving with the navy and hygienist/admin from Grace Baptist Church. For the medical team, we were blessed to have with us on this trip a doctor who is the chief of surgery at Walter Reed Medial Hospital (Bethesda, MD) as well as a former top domestic advisor serving under the Bush administration. Along with the medical and dental care during the week, we also we able to provide deworming medication for all 1,600 orphans in our 13 churches in Haiti. God providentially connected our team to a pharmacist in Canada who donated over $8000 worth of vitamins to supplement the deworming medication so that all of the orphans can have a strong recovery from the cleansing of all worms, whether from their intestines or on their skin.

This particular trip was a big undertaking with many other various initiatives, including enhancing microbusiness, facilitating vision trip for potential church partnerships with Haiti Collective, and consolidating community reform opportunities with education, health care, and family life. I am so grateful for this wonderful team God put together for this trip!

Below is a little video one of our team members made of the trip. We showed this last Sunday night at Grace in our mission report. God is doing great things, more than I could have ever imagined when this all began two years ago. If you would like to know more about The Haiti Collective, be sure to check out our website or follow us on Facebook. If you are a pastor or church leader and would like to discuss the possibility of getting connected with The Haiti Collective in the future, hit me up here or on my contact form.