One of the most important theological emphases with the gospel-centered movement is the subject of heart idolatry (functional saviors, god-replacements). There are many places you can start if this is new to you, such as David Powlison’s article “Idols of the Heart and ‘Vanity Fair‘” or Tim Keller’s excellent book Counterfeit Gods. More and more pastors are applying the things taught by Dick Keyes and Dick Kauffman who were instrumental in the thinking of well-known practitioners like Keller, Fitzpatrick, Tchividjian, and Patrick.

As the subject has moved from theological articulation to pastoral application, I am encouraged to see it introduced to a whole new audience through the newly released spoken word below by my friend Jeff Bethke. This poem is hard-hitting and plainly stated and should rightly make us feel uncomfortable because the words of John Calvin are true – our heart is an idol factory. May we heed to final words and fatherly admonition of the Apostle John when he said, “Little children, keep yourselves from idols.”

Watch, consider, and share.

NOTE: All proceeds from the iTunes single goes toward Jeff’s new work in church planting.