With the start of July comes another installment of the Roots Reading Initiative. For those unfamiliar with this project from PLNTD, the details can be found here. Basically, every two months we highlight one of five key areas of assessing biblically qualified church planters. Those areas are:

1.  The Man
2. The Mission
3. The Message
4. The Methods
5. The Marriage

Each two month focus on one of these themes includes approximately 400 pages of self-feeding/training for prospective or current church planters to better equip themselves in the work God has assigned.  To catch you up to speed, so far we have completed the following:

Nov/Dec 2011: The Mission
Jan/Feb 2012: The Message
Mar/Apr 2012: The Marriage
May/Jun 2012: The Methods

The upcoming two months focus on “The Man”, and the two books we will be reading together are Church Planter by Darrin Patrick and Am I Called? by Dave Harvey.  These two resources address specifically the calling and character men seeking to lead God’s church, and I commend them to you.  Here’s the outline for the next two months for those who would like to join in:

July 2-7            Church Planter         1-58
July 8-14          Church Planter         59-106
July 9-21          Church Planter         107-72
July 22-28       Church Planter         173-238

August 1-4        Am I Called               1-32
August 5-11      Am I Called               33-70
August 12-18   Am I Called               71-112
August 19-31    Am I Called               113-200

At the conclusion of each book, we compile the discussion questions into a study guide for those in our network looking to train leaders, church planting apprentices, or other people in their church. For more information, visit the Roots Reading Initiative page on the PLNTD website.

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