I’ve been saying I will do this for over four years. I finally did it. I switched to wordpress.org from the same theme I’ve had since 2006! I don’t know if you can be old school when it comes to blogging, but I feel like I am “traditional” in that sense. But alas, the itch got the best of me, and now I’ve upgraded to a new look with new features thanks to help of my good friend Josh Shank.

For those who don’t know Josh, he’s the guy behind Rocket Republic and who I’ve used for the majority of my design work, including all of PLNTD’s logos, conferences, and websites as well as Band of Bloggers. I have been sitting on this Standard theme for almost a year, and I wiped the dust off so that Josh could do his thing and create this custom template happily taking the place of the old sapphire theme. If you are looking for help in the area of website design, print work, branding, or any other form of signage, I encourage you to check out Rocket Republic.

So what’s new with version 2.0 of P&P? As far as features go, I have:

  • Provided a way to subscribe via email
  • Enhanced social media sharing
  • Incorporated Instagram into the sidebar
  • Opportunity for advertising
  • Included Kindle notes
  • New, easier way to contact me
  • New navigation header

Some of the reasons or goals I hope for this new online home for me include:

  • Greater versatility and customization of content
  • Cleaner, simpler format for reading, whether on site or RSS
  • Options for podcasting and/or web conferencing (or live-blogging)
  • Streamlined content from my work in the various roles I fulfill

I still have a few kinks I’m working out on the site, but I’m glad to have finally made the switch! I do have a request to make for those of you who read my blog (and perhaps have never commented before). Could you offer some feedback about the new look and format? Do you see anything I can make better? I will be tweaking it in the coming days, so your thoughts would be really helpful in that process.

Lastly, if you don’t mind, would you be willing to share this with your friends either on Facebook or Twitter? I’m hoping to connect with new folks who might be interested or helped by the things I am writing on the gospel, the church, and our mission to make disciples, train leaders, and plant churches. Thanks!

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