I have never considered myself an expert on all things musical. I mention what I believe to be good music because of what it does for my soul.  With the recovery of the gospel in all its beauty, this movement of God needs gifted men and women to lead us in singing the gospel. Again and again and again.

That’s why I want to tell you about my new friend Stephen Miller and his new album God and Sinner Reconcile. I have had the privilege of listening to his new album which releases Jan. 17th for the past month. Again and again and again. Why? Because of how good it has been for my soul. Stephen has gifted our generation a great resource for gospel exultation in his new album.

Below is a video about the new album. After Jan. 17th, you can download God and Sinner Reconcile on iTunes. You can also get it at Bandcamp. My “prone to wander” heart has been brought back to Jesus song after song.  I hope yours will be too.