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I started a new series on Twitter several months ago, called “50¢ Word(s) of the Day”.  Here’s the eleventh installment from this past week:

Mondayposse non pecarre » able not to sin (the condition of Adam before the Fall)

Tuesdayprocessio » the personal property and relation of the Spirit to the Father and the Son

Wednesdayilluminatio » the realization or actuality of grace by which the Holy Spirit instructs the sinner in & thru the Word

Thursdayprima causa » the first cause (God, the cause of all things, noncontingent necessary being)

Fridaytestes veritas » witnesses of the truth (teachers & confessions of the church throughout history)

Saturdayprotevangelium » the protogospel, the first gospel announcement (Gen. 3:15), inception of covenant of grace