At the very heart of the church’s mission is the call to make disciples.
At the very heart of the Christian faith is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It makes sense then that these two passions ought to become the focus of our lives.  Not only that, we should seek to understand how the gospel serves both as fuel and a filter for discipleship.  That’s why I’m glad for the vision of Jonathan Dodson to provide a new resource and website called Gospel-Centered Discipleship.

The values that shape the resources of include being:

  • Culture-sensitive
  • Practitioner-tested
  • Gospel-centered
  • Community-shaped
  • Mission-focused

I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this website with a great group of other gospel-centered theologians and practitioners desiring to encourage a robust commitment to the church’s mission to make disciples of Jesus.  Starting this summer, will host various resources including articles, eBooks, and curriculum on a host of discipleship issues, all from a gospel or grace centered perspective. I encourage you to stay tuned and tap into all the great tools this website will have to offer.

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