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I started a new series on Twitter several months ago, called “50¢ Word(s) of the Day”.  Here’s the seventh installment from this past week:

Mondayemperichoresis –> mutual interexistence or inexistence (where we get the theological term perichoresis re: Trinity)

Tuesdayfrui –> to enjoy something or someone for its own sake, as an end in itself (enjoy God for being God)

Wednesdaylex praescribit, evangelium inscribit –> the law prescribes, the gospel inscribes

Thursdaymeritum Christi –> the merit of Christ (term used in view of the obedience of Christ applied to the believer)

Fridaypaedagogus ad Christum –> guide to Christ (the law, cf. Gal. 3:24)

Saturdayobiectum fidei –> object of faith (Christ, as He is revealed in Scripture)