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Part 9

I started a new series on Twitter several months ago, called “50¢ Word(s) of the Day”.  Here’s the tenth installment from this past week:

Mondayprolegomenon » introductory remarks in which basic principles and premises are enunciated

Tuesdayresipiscentia » repentance, a change of mind or heart (Latin equivalent of Greek metanoia

Wednesdayvia negativa » negative way, way of negation (method of defining/identifying negatively)

Thursdaymissio » a sending forth or mission (such as missio Dei or missio Spiritus)

Fridayinstrumentum iustificationis » instrument of justification (faith, the means through which we access justification)

Saturdayimmutabilitas Dei » immutability of God (changelessness, eternal and perpetual identity of divine essence)