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I started a new series on Twitter about a month ago, called “50¢ Word(s) of the Day”.  Here’s the fifth installment from this past week:

Mondayquantum credis, tantum habes –> to the extent that you believe, to that extent you possess (own it by faith)

Tuesdayusus legis –> use of the law (generally to restrain sin, personally to confront & lead to Christ, and to instruct)

Wednesdayiustitia imputata –> imputed righteousness (of Christ toward believers on the ground of faith)

Thursdayomne peccatum in Deum commititur –> all sin is committed against God (cf. Psalm 51:4)

Fridayordo salutis –> order of salvation (temporal order of causes & effects in God’s work of saving sinners)

Saturdaymagnalia Dei –> the mighty works of God (cf. Acts 2:11, subject of convo @ Pentecost)