Part 1 || Part 2

I started a new series on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, called “50¢ Word(s) of the Day”.  Here’s the third installment from this past week:

Monday: conversio continuata –> daily gospel renewal via turning from sin (repentance) & turning to God (faith)

Tuesday: media gratiae –> means of grace (Word and sacrament by which the grace of God is operative in the church)

Wednesday: ens a se –> being from itself, self-existent, noncontingent being (where we get the doctrine of God’s aseity)

Thursday: fiducia –> trust (faithful apprehension; 3rd aspect of saving faith [notitia, assensus, fiducia])

Friday: historia revelationis –> the history of revelation (term applied to biblical theology/story of redemption)

Saturday: foedus gratiae –> covenant of grace (the pact God began with the protoevangelium & finally fulfilled in Christ)