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Continuing this great series by Scotty Smith, here is your third installment of 20 tweets on gospel implications for your gospel intake:

Gospel Implications: The Lamb HAS triumphed, the Lamb WILL triumph. Say goodbye to hopeless, fearful, selfish living.

Gospel Implications: We are “recovering legalists and Pharisees” to the extent we are actually becoming like Jesus.

Gospel Implications: There’s nothing very amazing about a grace which only makes us glad we’re not a “Fundie” anymore.

The gospel, and the gospel alone, is the power of God for the salvation of non-believers and believers alike. Open the cage!

Gospel Implications: Because Jesus rules the world with truth & grace, life is all about proving the wonders of his love.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus has already defeated Satan & death, we can labor & love in the presence of evil w/ hope.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus is a present & reigning Lord, our calling is to do everything WITH Jesus, not FOR Jesus.

There’s a direct correlation between how much we cherish the gospel and how patient we are with aggravating people.

Gospel Implications: Because Jesus is your righteousness; fret less, pretend less, strive less, doubt less, sleep better.

Gospel Implications: Justification by sanctification is a heresy. Justification without sanctification is a myth.

Gospel Implications: Excessive busyness isn’t to be applauded or pitied, but exorcised like a demon.

Gospel Implications: When you substitute groveling penance for gospel repentance you lie about the work of Jesus.

Gospel Implications: God doesn’t remember our sins against us because he remembered them against Jesus.

Gospel Implications: The difference between trying to appease the Lord and knowing you please him is the gospel.

Gospel Implications: God cannot possibly love you any more than he already does in Christ. Deal with it.

Gospel Implications: Since we’re destined for a life of shameless nakedness (Gen. 2:25), let’s hide & pretend less now.

Gospel Implications: We don’t fear the wrath that IS to come because of the wrath that has ALREADY come on Jesus, for US.

Gospel Implications: Because Jesus completely defeated Satan at the cross, missions is a no-fail mop-up operation.

Gospel Implications: There will always be more grace left over at the end of our crises, sufferings & hard providences.

Gospel Implications: Since we never inform God about anything when we confess our sins, repent w/ abandon & w/out fear!

There’s only 1 cure for being an approval-junkie: Being so smitten with Jesus’ love for you praise & rejection lose power.